Ed Sheeran – Autumn Variations (Album)


's Upcoming Album ‘Autumn Variations' Marks a Significant Milestone


English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran is gearing up to release his seventh studio album, titled “Autumn Variations.” Notably, this album departs from his tradition of using mathematical symbols as titles and will be the first release under his personal record label, Gingerbread Man Records. Another notable aspect is that this album grants Sheeran copyright ownership of his masters, a significant achievement in his career.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Sheeran revealed that he and his collaborator, Aaron Dessner, have not only created the 14-track album titled “- (Subtract)” but also an entirely separate second album. This decision stemmed from the realization that some tracks from “- (Subtract)” had a different tone that felt disconnected from the rest of the album. As Sheeran explained, “It was very quickly seen that we were making two different things.” He went on to write this second album with Dessner and is currently in the mixing phase, although the release date remains uncertain as he wants to give “- (Subtract)” its time in the spotlight before launching the new project.

One intriguing aspect is Sheeran's intention not to use a mathematical symbol in the title of the album. This break from tradition suggests a fresh direction for his music.

Moreover, Sheeran seems to have more albums in the works, each using a different category of symbols. He hasn't disclosed this new symbol category just yet, keeping fans curious about what he has in store for his music endeavors.


1. “Magical”
2. “England”
3. “Amazing”
4. “Plastic Bag”
5. “Blue”
6. “American Town”
7. “That's On Me”
8. “Page”
9. “Midnight”
10. “Spring”
11. “Punchline”
12. “When Will I Be Alright”
13. “The Day I Was Born”
14. “Head > Heels”

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