Young Blogger, Awucha Ezekiel, Aged 27, Purchases Multi-Million Naira Home


A popular Nigerian blogger by the name has acquired his first home at the age of 27.

The content creator shared news of his new home on his Facebook page while sharing photos of his new opulent home.

Recounting his past, he revealed that prior to his present success, he had suffered significant setback in 2020 that made it difficult for him to even feed his family.

However, his luck changed for the better in 2021 and he now owns multiple cars and a house to his name.

Additionally, he said that becoming a homeowner still feels surreal to him, but he knows it's only the beginning of more success to come.

He said …

“I faced a lot of difficulties in the year 2020. During the pandemic, things were so difficult that I found it hard to feed my family, from 2020 to mid 2021 was a whole rocky journey but today I own a fleet of cars and I just recently acquired a multi million naira mansion.

It feels like a dream but I know this is just the beginning as I look forward to owing multiple businesses and properties. I was able to achieve all these with Google Adsense all at the age of 27.”

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