Best Law Schools In Canada

Best Law Schools In Canada

Best Law Schools In Canada-Do you want to become a great lawyer and also study law in Canada; this is the right article to read where your eyes will be open to the beauty of studying law in Canada.


Canada law schools happens to be among the best law schools in the world and studying law in Canada exposes students too some of the top law schools in the world. International students are also exposed to culturally diverse, racial and tolerant environment whereby students can be able to study in comfort and peace.

Canada is also known for its creative and innovative teaching methods, this means that for you to be the best or excel you will be challenged, and every resource needed and necessary for you to succeed at an immensely high level will be provided.


One good reason to enroll in a law program in Canada is that Canada economy is one the world fast growing economy and this has provided great demands for corporate attorneys and tax attorneys, in turn providing job opportunities for students pursuing law degrees in Canada.

Cost of Studying Law in Canada

As an international study the cost of studying law in Canada is $17,000 – $21,500. In some instances a student may qualify for a scholarship, in some other cases, a grant. The reason the cost is a little high is because acceptance into the programs for international students is limited in a way, the schools want to be sure by needing a proof of financial responsibility be provide so as for students to full focus without any cause of dropping out due to expenses.

There are privileges and opportunities an international study can get for studying law in Canada. High quality education in the field of law will be provided, and for many of them it will pave way for more expansive career opportunities within a stable and growing economy.

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List of Law Schools in Canada

  • University Of British Columbia Law School
  • Queen’s University Faculty Of Law
  • York University Osgood Hall Law School
  • University Of Alberta Faculty Of Law
  • University Of Toronto Faculty Of Law
  • McGill University Faculty Of Law
  • University Of Laval Faculty Of Law
  • Dalhousie University Schulic School Of Law
  • University Of Victoria Faculty Of Law
  • University Of Montreal Faculty Of Law
  • Thompson Rivers University Faculty Of Law
  • Western University Law School
  • University of Ottawa Faculty Of Law

Best Law Schools In Canada for International Students

One thing you should know is that Canadian law schools are open to everyone who can pass through all the stages of examination successfully and have all the requirements needed to be enrolled in.

As long as you have a drive and an interest in studying law in Canada as an international student, it’s time to make it a reality as Canada is one of the best countries in the world to study law.

There are a lot of Canadian law schools for international students, and we will provides detailed information on the best law schools for international students in Canada.

  • University Of Toronto Faculty Of Law

It is located in the city of Toronto, Ontario province Canada. The faculty of law in the University of Toronto was established in the year 1949 and the law school happens to be one of the best law schools in Canada.

The University of Toronto is also known for its research in academic excellence all over the world. The faculty of law has continuously ranked the top law school for the common law in Canada by a Canadian news magazine called Maclean since it began to publish rankings of law school schools in Canada.

In 2011 due to the excellence of the school it was ranked the 13th in the world by the QS world university rankings in the subject of law. It grew in excellence and in 2018 again, the Time Higher Education considered the Faculty the 10th best law school in the world. The faculty of law in the University of Toronto creates an atmosphere and a community that accommodates different nationalities and every member of the community is treated rightfully.

Knowing that law is a broad field to go into the University of Toronto law school has the areas they focus on, which are:

  • Aboriginal law
  • Business law
  • Criminal law
  • Constitutional law
  • Environmental law
  • Health law and policy
  • Innovation law
  • Law of economics
  • Law of history
  • Law of literature and philosophy
  • Law of public interest and diversity
  • Women in law and social change

For more information on University of Toronto Faculty of Law visit:

  • University of Ottawa Faculty Of Law

It is located in the city Ottawa, Ontario province, Canada. The location of this law school is also the nation’s capital and the home of the supreme court of Canada.

This law school has been in existence for over 68years and it is still one of the most reputed institutions of the legal education in Canada. University of Ottawa faculty of law has two major fields it is best known for when it comes to law:

  • Common law
  • Civil law

And these two are the formally indigenous legal traditions in English and French in Canada.

The world at large recognizes that the university of Ottawa law school is one of the best schools to get law education in Canada. Students of this law school are given the best chance in the world to learn common law in either English or French, civil law in either English or French.

It provided students with helps needed to access a variety of law related internship and practicum opportunities across many diverse areas in government departments and also beyond.

They have focus areas in laws which are:

  • Advocacy
  • Aboriginal law
  • Legal writing
  • Dispute resolution and professionalism
  • Environmental law
  • Health law
  • International law
  • Public law
  • Social justice
  • Technology law

For more information on university of Ottawa Faculty of Law visit:

  • McGill University Faculty Of Law

It is located in the city of Montreal, Quebec province, Canada. This is the oldest law school in Canada for international students. It was established over 173 years ago. It has kept and outstanding record in all endeavors, and is ranked consistently the best law schools in the world. It is also known for being the top law school in civil law and common law.

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In any given academic year, McGill law school admits 180 candidates and their admission is strict and straightforward to select the best students for admission.

Every member of their faculty is also active in legal institutions and legal reform in Canada and in any part of the world. A lawyer that graduated from the McGill university law school can work with lawyers from common provinces in Canada, England, and the United States of America, and also with lawyers from civil law jurisdictions in Europe, the Africa, Asia, South America and North America. In this place the English system of law or the American system if law can be used.

For more information on McGill University Faculty of Law visit:

  • University of Victoria Faculty Of Law

It is found in the city of victoria, British Columbia, Canada. It is one of the leading law schools for International students in Canada. It is known for its commitment to social responsibility and also has received helped from the governments, institutions, and non-governmental organizations from all over the world to getting great reputation in Canada and around the world. They have areas of focus in laws which are:

  • Access to justice
  • Environmental law and sustainability
  • Indigenous law

For more information on university of victoria law school Canada visit:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Studying Law in Canada Work?

To study law in Canada you need to have all the requirements and also pass their exams for you to gain admission into any of the schools in Canada.

  • Is Canada a Good Place to be a Lawyer?

Yes of course Canada is a good place to study law in Canada because it has some of the best universities of law school in Canada and their influence and allow you work with other lawyers from different part of the world.

  • Are Lawyers in demand in Canada?

Yes there is a high demand for lawyers in Canada. Canada is one of the countries of the world where lawyers earn high salaries. Lawyers are among the high earners in Canada and this is because it is one of the most respectable professions in the world.

Final Note

Now that you have read this article I know you have been able to gain insight pertain to the beauty of studying law in Canada and also being a lawyer in Canada.

Internship and practicum are also made available for students studying law in Canada and this gives you a chance to meet great people in the field.

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